Revinetd - reverse port redirector

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Revinetd is a reverse TCP port redirector. It operates in two modes, listen-listen and connect-connect. It can be used to forward traffic through firewalls where outbound rule sets are more liberal than inbound rules.

Revinetd 1.0.2 is released!

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The basic premise behind revinetd is to provide reverse data path connectivity from a client system to a target system in order to bypass firewall filtering rules.

The program works in two different modes:

The main reason for using this program is for situations when the established connection path is the opposite from the data flow. Typically most firewalls are configured in a more insecure manner for outbound traffic then inbound. If we want to connect to a service (e.g NetBIOS) that is filtered by a firewall, we can utilize a Relay Agent Mode revinetd instance to connect to the target service and outbound through the firewall's more liberal filtering rules. On the other side, a Server Mode revinetd instance will accept a connection from the client computer and the connect-connect mode instance.

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